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Welcome to Axum Touring Hotel, a historic but a newly renovated, ever green, Eco-friendly and luxury hotel located in the historic city of Aksum (also spelled as Axum).

Aksum, the host of this iconic Hotel is located in Northern Ethiopia, 1024km ( 636 miles) from the Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. The Hotel was founded in the 1950’s  but re-inaugurated in November 2018 following a full renovation and restoration work. The Hotel is a very popular choice with our clients including tourists, holiday makers and distinguished business guests, offering comfortable, well-furnished elegant en-suite rooms with green and beautiful natural scenery.


This modern Hotel is located in the heart of Aksum city, within walking distance to the city centre,   the magnificent steals or obelisks, the tomb of king Kaleb and King GebreMeskel,  Aksum Saint Mary Church, bath of Queen Sheba, Ethiopian airlines ticket office, pre-historic museum of Axum, antique shops and other important amenities. Axum Airport is only 8km away or 12 minutes drive, the Hotel is also very close to different banks, to the post office, local markets and to other basic services.

Axum Touring Hotel is ideal for tourists, business and leisure travelers,backpackers, Government or non-government employees and anyone else who seeks to relax while spending short or long momentous time. Although the Hotel is at  the center of Axum city, it is best known for its quietness and for offering a naturally decorated compounded  with flora and fauna facing the amazing and breathtaking view of the nearby mountain called “May Koho” on the back side of the Hotel.

Axum Touring Hotel offers a total of 33 elegant well furnished, luxurious (two sided flip-able mattresses soft and Medium) rooms. Of these, 8 are Standard Single rooms, 23 Standard Double rooms and 2 Standard Twin rooms.

Free and fast Wi-Fi internet connection covering all rooms, the restaurant and the waiting area in the hotel premises, sufficient and reliable car parking space, CCTV camera-monitored hotel security, accessible road and doors for wheelchair users along with an ever green compound with an outstanding view and a lot of other things for your comfort and convenience await for you at the Hotel.

Axum Touring Hotel is a place where you have the opportunity to truly refresh yourself and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Our highly trained and multi-lingual front desk staff members who have years of experience in the hotel business and in looking after their customers at their best, will await for you with a charming smile and a warm welcome.

During your staying at our ever green, naturally decorated Hotel environment, you will enjoy the different sweet tweet sounds of birds from different charming species, while breathing a fresh air within the hotel premises.

Scattered in a limited ranges within the compound and through the corridor of our rooms,  you will find a ready-made open air seats which are designated for  you to relax your mind and body whilst  reading , browsing the internet through your laptop, or chatting with your beloved ones face to face enjoying the neat fresh air.

Our hotel is a nationally and internationally recognized iconic place to stay in.

We look forward to welcoming you as our highly valued Axum Touring guest.


A little bit about Axum (Aksum)


Situated in the highlands of northern Ethiopia, Aksum symbolizes the wealth and importance of the civilization of the ancient Aksumite kingdom, which lasted from the 1st to the 8th centuries AD. The kingdom was at the crossroads of the three continents: Africa, Arabia and the Greco-Roman World, and was the most powerful state between the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia. In command of the ivory trade with Sudan, its fleets controlled the Red Sea trade through the port of Adulis and the inland routes of north eastern Africa.

The ruins of the ancient Aksumite Civilization covered a wide area in the Tigray Plateau. The most impressive monuments are the monolithic obelisks, royal tombs and the palace ruins dating to the 6th and 7th centuries AD.

Several stelae survive in the town of Aksum dating between the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. The largest standing obelisk rises to a height of over 23 meters and is exquisitely carved to represent a nine-storey building of the Aksumites. It stands at the entrance of the main stelae area. The largest obelisk of some 33 meters long lies where it fell, perhaps during the process of erection. It is possibly the largest monolithic stele  that ancient human beings ever attempted to erect. 

A series of inscription on stone tablets have proved to be of immense importance to historians of the ancient world. Some of them include trilingual text in Greek, Sabaean and Ge’ez (Classical Ethiopian), inscribed by King Ezana in the 4th century AD.

The introduction of Christianity in the 4th century AD resulted in the building of churches, such as Saint Mary of Zion, rebuilt … in the 17th century AD, which is believed to hold the Ark of the Covenant.

Source:- UNESCO @ https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/15/


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